My name’s Erin McCOy

I am a passionate Mind-Body Practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Transformation Coach and Career Coach
I love to help women just like you be kinder to yourself and transform what is holding you back from the life you wish to live. Together we transform their current mindscape, inner wellbeing and experience of life into one of joy and purpose.

I am a wife, friend, sister and proud mumma to three amazing children.  Two with special needs.
My journey like yours has been full of ups and downs. I have overcome significant adversity, trauma, chronic illness, chronic fatigue, disability, chronic pain and mental health through the power of Mind-Body Medicine, Mindset, Empowerment and Trauma work. I have rewired my brain and reset my nervous system and now I help others do the same.

For so many years I felt powerless unable to thrive. Stuck in a survival loop
Until I finally figured out how to ride any storm as my own Captain
I learnt that Joy and Healing are an inside job
I now know, for sure, if you can master your mind you can master anything

Funnily enough the life of my long ago dreams never did fall from the sky into my lap.
I learnt it never needed to

After years of dedication to learning about mind mastery, happiness, transformation, women and success and the mind body connection. I am combining my Diploma in Life Coaching and Mind Body Connection, Bachelor of Nursing and diverse life experience into being for you the Co-Creator and Healer I needed. 

A woman who cared deeply who could walk me through it.  Show me the light posts, as I walked my own path.  Illuminate my strengths, my power, my well of happiness and emotional freedom when I thought I had none.

So now, wonderful women, I am that woman and I would love to be that woman for you!

Invest in your future today


Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching and Mind- Body Practitioner
Bachelor of Nursing
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certificate IV in Small Business Management